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How Global Leaders are Building Modern Intranet Solutions

Many existing intranets are not equipped to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Leaders must strategize how to evolve these solutions to optimize their employee experiences and business operations. This e-book will dive into five examples of effective intranet solutions from different industry leaders from around the world.

Tackling Workplace Challenges with an Intranet 


Are you dealing with: 


  • A workforce that is overwhelmed with disparate productivity tools that hinder their performance? 
  • Employees that can’t find the information they need to do their jobs efficiently? 
  • Disjointed employee experiences for in-office and remote teams around the world? 


These are just a few of the common challenges organizations now face as they try to support a modern workforce. Begin tackling these issues with an intranet solution.

Equipping Organizations to Face the Challenges of Today’s Workplace 


Although many organizations may already have an intranet or a digital employee tool in place, many of these do not provide the intuitive experiences needed to support a modern workforce, which includes workers in the office, remote workers, deskless workers, retail and warehouse workers, and more. Corporate leaders must evaluate their current solutions to assess what steps are needed in order to provide employees with a tool that can lift productivity and support the needs of a modern workforce.

What Makes an Effective Intranet? 


A modern intranet should: 

Increase organization efficiency for measurable operational improvements.

Deliver personalization and integration with existing systems.

Support global and remote workers from any device.

Enable collaboration across the entire organization.

Empower employees to find and share information easily.

Ultimately lead to better customer and end user experiences.

Inside Five Engaging Intranets 


The following five examples will give insight as to how different industry leaders from around the world have evolved their intranet strategy to resolve the challenges of a modern workplace.




With its continued expansions and more employees than ever, Coach needed to build a consolidated corporate intranet. However employees were unable to access the information they needed when working on the floor or away from a computer. 


So Coach built CoachWeb, an intranet solution that: 

  • Surfaced important information to employees on any device, wherever they were. 
  • Shortened search time from minutes to just seconds. 
  • Replaced three online systems with a single intranet for all employee needs. 


U.S. Navy


The U.S. Navy needed to provide over 870,000 users with an intuitive experience to help manage their careers through their military service. The portal was composed of several different systems and databases and could not deliver the necessary performance levels. 

With their updated MyNavy Portal, sailors have access to: 

  • A one-stop shop for human resources, education, and training information. 
  • Homepages and permissions personalized according to rank. 
  • Easy-to-use interface that still adheres to strict privacy and network restrictions




With over 12,100 stores worldwide, Domino’s realized that there were communication gaps among the franchise and corporate team members. 


To bridge these gaps, Domino’s revamped their intranet solution, with resulted in: 

  • Personalized employee experiences based on user permissions, location, and role. 
  • Significant shift in company culture to increased collaboration. 
  • Increased adoption of the tool, doubling traffic to the site.




As a global technology leader in autonomous driving and connected cars, Aptiv required a platform that could consolidate siloed production data across 74 servers all over the world. Employees would spend more time collecting data rather than being able to use it. 


Aptiv Intelligence now allows over 10,000 employees to: 

  • Gain visibility into global manufacturing data and intelligence from any plant, on any device. 
  • Access real-time data and performance in an intuitive dashboard. 
  • Receive targeted alerts relevant to their role. 


Genworth Financial 


Genworth understands that in order to help families with home ownership and insurance, they need to better support their workforce. Their previous intranet was described as a static newsletter that would take too long to publish updates. 


With the newest iteration of their intranet, Genworth was able to: 

  • Combine over 800 sites together into one platform. 
  • Empower members to share data and collaborate in larger organizational discussions. 
  • Provide self-service knowledge bases for easy access to relevant information. 



These intranet examples are just a small glimpse of what is possible when businesses value their employee experiences. To build innovative digital workplaces that will empower your employees can thrive, assess your current technology stack to evaluate how mature your tools are and what’s needed to take your employee productivity solutions to the next level.

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