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Architects with 15-30 years experience across Integration, SOA, and Digital Transformation projects.


Expertise from Integration to SOA to Microservices. Architect, Design and Implement solutions. Solutions across vendor products. Experience on SID Telecoms industry standard. Commercial and Open Source tools used.

Business Process Management

Process Design and Implementation. Expertise on BPEL and BPMN notations. Experience using eTOM Telecoms industry standard. Implementation on various open-source and commercial vendor tools.

Application Development

Web, Mobile and server-side development using various open source and commercial tools. Java, JEE, Spring, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, Jboss, WAS and many more. ARchitecture, Design and Implementation.


Architecture, Design and implementation of asynchronous high speed messaging. Implementations in ‘Publish-Subscribe’ and ‘Peer-to-Peer’ messaging. Enterprise strength messaging platforms like WebSphere MQ, Redhat Active MQ, Rabbit MQ and Apache Kafka.


JumpCO has been  DevOPs  advocates and practitioners since the late 90’s(before the term DevOPs was coined).  Automate, automate and automate. Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven, Gradle, GIT, Ansible.

Block Chain

Implementation of Distributed Ledger technologies,  Smart Contracts, Virtual currencies, cutting out central authorities like the banks.

Cloud and Containers

Delivery of IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), SAAS (Software as a Service) using Amazon, Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud and others. Expertise on CloudFoundry, Kubernetes, Openshift, Docker and others.


The IOT and AI wave has hit us. JumpCO has reacted by taking on projects using Watson IOT, Watson AI and Watson Analytics. We have also skilled up on Watson Assistant for delivery of  ChatBot applications.

Big Data

There has been a big focus on Big Data over the past few years. With Big Data came NoSQL dbs. JumpCO has experience on Big Data technologies like MongoDB , Cassandra, Spring Data Stream, Kafka and others.