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JumpCo Software Labs (previously known as JumpStart Software Labs), had its beginnings in youth outreach programs in some of Johannesburg’s disadvantaged high schools. These schools are racked by the poor quality of education, gangsterism, and violence. The JumpCo training program was established to equip some of these students with the belief that even such poor environments should not be excluded from high-end Knowledge Careers, like IT services. This was then adopted by JumpCo as part of their Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) and has grown from there to a weekly and Saturday school. JumpCo is an IT Professional Services and Software company in South Africa. JumpCo became the first industry partner to extend mentorship and employment opportunities for JumpCo graduates and has subsequently become a fundamental part of the business model.


Other companies that have participated in this JumpCo model include Nedbank, Knotion Consulting, and Standard Bank.

JumpCo sources its candidates by word of mouth and by active recruitment drives in partner IT related colleges that specialize in the pre-requisite foundational attitudes that significantly increase the effectiveness of the JumpCo Software Lab training. The school was founded in 2002 and now trains approximately 80 learners per year from both its weekly and weekend schools. The program has recently been extended into the Western Cape.


  • Our vision is to develop world-class software engineers with formal relevant IT technology certifications, practical working experience, and the necessary professional ethos to compete in a challenging global knowledge economy.
  • Our emphasis is on mostly young South Africans who demonstrate the potential for Software Development but lack the opportunity to gain a foothold in this industry.
  • Our program is a holistic collaboration between the candidates, private corporate engagements and government bodies (e.g. SETA) to tackle the lack of IT skills in the South African market.
  • The JumpCo Software Labs has been running successfully since 2002 and has academies in Johannesburg and Cape Town.