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IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation  

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a set of integrated market-leading software designed to help you solve your toughest operational challenges. With AI-generated recommendations, analytics to measure impact, and business-friendly low-code tooling, we’ve helped clients reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes by 80% and decreased customer wait times by half. You can now better comply with regulations to reduce risk and save thousands of work hours that were then reallocated to higher value work.

 Identify opportunities for improvement.

 Apply automation to key areas for greater business impact.

 Create business applications to quickly address changing environments.

 Optimize your workforce with AI-powered Automation.



IBM Cloud Pak  for Business Automation provides a modular set of integrated software, built for any hybrid cloud, that’s designed to quickly solve your toughest operational challenges. It includes a broad set of AI-powered automation capabilities process mining, content, capture, decisions, workflows and tasks with a flexible model that lets you start small and scale as your needs evolve.

Understand your current state


Apply business automation tools to pinpoint inefficiencies and hotspots.

Improve business applications


Use data to automate, gain deeper insights and achieve straight-through processing.

Increase productivity


Build low-code and no-code applications. Use RPA bots to perform repetitive tasks.

Gain deeper insights


Use AI for insight into content and processes. Prioritize tasks to make better decisions.

Respond to challenges faster


Identify and resolve inefficiencies more quickly for continuous improvement.

Deploy anywhere


Gain the flexibility to deploy across any cloud managed by you or IBM as SaaS.


IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation helps improve your business performance with the following capabilities:

Process analysis

Use existing data to explore and identify where automation can help create the greatest impact.

Task automation 

Bring robotic process automation and all other business automation capabilities together to enable digital labor.

Document processing

Classify documents and extract data using pre-trained deep learning models to get more out of your data.

Workflow orchestration

Create and manage AI-directed workflows to automate business processes with BPM and case management.

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IBM CloudPak Automation

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