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JumpCO has been an IBM Gold Business Partner for almost 2 decades. We are fully committed and invested in IBM technologies. This can be seen in our IBM certifications, Specialist Badges , Accreditations and client references. At any given time JumpCO has approximately 20 IBM certifications. 

Our specialist IBM skills lie in Cloud, Integration, IOT, Messaging, Business Process Automation and others. Some successful projects delivered on IBM technologies over the past 10 years include:

  • Development of ESB for Major local Bank that was rolled out across 18 African countries. The technologies used were IIB, MQ, MQ MFT, Datapower and API Gateway
  • Architecture, Design and Development of ESB for major Bank in Kenya. Technologies used were IIB, Datapower and MQ MFT
  • Development of banking business processes for local Major Bank to rollout into the rest of Africa.
  • Setup of SOA COE, Architect, Design and rollout pilot SOA project for Order Management at local Telco. The technologies used was IBM BPM, IIB and WSRR
  • Development of ESB for Major local retailer. +-1000 interfaces developed using IIB, MQ and Datapower.
  • Development of Integration Framework for major Investment Bank. Migrated legacy integrations from Java EAI hubs to IIB. Built Integration Framework on IIB