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JumpCO has been an IBM Gold Business Partner for almost 2 decades. We are fully committed and invested in IBM technologies. This can be seen in our IBM certifications, Specialist Badges , Accreditations and client references. At any given time JumpCO has approximately 20 IBM certifications. 

Setup of SOA COE, Architect, Design and rollout pilot SOA project for Order Management at local Telco. The technologies used was IBM BPM, IIB and WSRR.

Development of ESB for Major local retailer. +-1000 interfaces developed using IIB, MQ and Datapower.

Development of Integration Framework for major Investment Bank. Migrated legacy integrations from Java EAI hubs to IIB. Built Integration Framework on IIB.

Development of ESB for Major local Bank that was rolled out across 18 African countries. The technologies used were IIB, MQ, MQ MFT, Datapower and API Gateway.

Architecture, Design and Development of ESB for major Bank in Kenya. Technologies used were IIB, Datapower and MQ MFT.

Development of banking business processes for local Major Bank to rollout into the rest of Africa.

IBM Cloud

Automate integrations to improve application speed and quality. 

Businesses are on a break-neck journey to digital transformation. But speed without the right approach will only get you to the wrong place faster. 


Traditional approaches to integration are slow to implement, hard to scale and laden by skill-intensive, complex technologies. 

Balancing traditional and modern integration styles can be costly, particularly when considering maintenance downtime and multiple licensing fees from different vendors. 

Companies are more connected to the outside world than ever before, but still need to reduce exposure to business and security risks while adhering to compliance policies. 

Without a new approach,
integration work will account for


 of the time and cost of digital initiatives. 

To integrate faster and better, every integration must be automated, leveraging best practices and built-in reuse.

 The IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps you 

Speed delivery through automation powered by AI.

Improve integration quality with continuous feedback based on real-world data.

Lower risk and improve workload and integration operations with DMZ-deployable security.

Deliver ROI by employing multiple integration styles and approaches.


increase in the speed of integration development.


reduction in integration costs.

What’s Next

Let us help you build and implement an agile, AI-infused approach to integration, transforming your data in to the fuel that helps you solve complex business problems.

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