Professional Services


The essence of SOA is increasing your ability to effect business change, in other words to make your business more agile. At the business end, this involves modeling processes. On the implementation side, the bottom line in SOA is being able to create, a set of loosely-coupled, reusable, business-oriented services which can be used to automate the processes. Loose-coupling helps agility and lowers cost by lowering that amount of change that has to occur in the IT layers when a change in business process occurs, and vice-versa.


The services we provide are as follows:
  • SOA Enterprise Architectural methodology
  • Business to Technical reference models
  • BPM, SOA and EAI solution architecture
  • Expert IBM Tool knowledge and implementation
  • Enterprise Application & Integration development
  • and commoditised Offshore Lab development



Having an appreciation for Top-Down and Bottom-Up, with alignment of both strategic business architecture and tactical constraints of projects on the ground, we marry the tension between the To-Be and As-Is with practical road maps suited to the organizational maturity and direction.
We are able to bring a wealth of practical implementation experience and ongoing R&D to provide a holistic end-end Integration solution offering.
With a good understanding of Agile delivery and without compromising governed disciplines, we have reduced the risk on enterprise wide implementations with Repeatable Process, expert Vendor Tool knowledge, Disciplined Methodology, best Practice and Solutions Architecture. Much of this has culminated in our JumpCo Integrator Framework.